Jump Clear is a game of skill and strategy.

You are playing against all other users participating in a contest. Each player is given 1,000 points to place on the riders they think will jump clear and/or podium finish. Your point payouts are determined by a formula of odds x's points placed on your picks and whether the event (a clear round) occurs. The more players who place points on a pick, the lower the point payout.


Step 1: Entry Fee

Every contest on Jump Clear has an entry fee. Determining which one you wish to enter depends on your own personal preferences.  


Step 2: Point Options

To spend your 1,000 points you are given three point options; 50, 100, 250. How you place the points is completely up to you and the strategy you wish to take.

Jump Clear provides you with the general statistics of each rider. The clear percentage (the statistics of that rider jumping clear at the given height of the event) and the riders win percentage (how often they win at the given height of the event).

It is up to you to determine how to spend those points.


Step 3: Percentages

As mentioned above, Jump Clear provides statics from the Jumpr App. These statistics are provided to help you understand the likelihood of the event happening.

PLEASE NOTE: The statistic are ONLY used for an educational piece and are in no way exact or a predictor of the event occurring. 


Step 4: Odds

Your point payout (if the event occurs) is determined by the Odds at the completion of the class x's the points you placed on that particular pick.